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New Year, New Vision

The Internet is full of memes about 2020 being a year of perfect vision. Perfection seems like such a loaded word. If I achieve perfection, then I'm done. But how would I ever know if I've reached perfection? Perfect vision seems even more illusive. What would a perfect year look like? I'm not sure I'll ever know. This year, I'm focusing on intentionality and focusing on being present. Writing keeps me grounded, so here goes nothing.

This blog serves as a place for me to write about what I read. I'm not sure what it will look like. Learning should be fun, so I'll start there. A few unusual products showed up in the news.

KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog from Enviro-Log


In what seems to be a cross between a scented candle and a fast-food favorite, KFC brought back the chicken-scented fire log. The website reminds us that the log is made of cardboard, not chicken.

I tried to buy one of these at Walmart for our annual white elephant gift exchange. The 2019 firelog sold out in 36 hours, just as it did last year. The co-branded product, available only at Walmart, appeals to many, even at a price that's six times the price of unscented logs. Why? Brand. Reviews of the product suggest that the log smells most like a bucket of KFC before it gets thrown into the fireplace. Favorable smells help sell products. People frequently choose consumer packaged goods based on scent alone. A brand represents a promise between a company and customers. With this product, customers buy the firelog because they associate the smell of those 11 herbs and spices with fond memories and delicious food.

These are destined to become collectable, so if you're hungry for a chicken-scented fire, check eBay. I'd love to know if these live up to the hype. Maybe next year, I'll be quick enough to grab one. It would make a fun and decadent white elephant gift.