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I'm Lisa Power. Some people say they love a whole range of things. For me, it's just a few but I'm really passionate about what I love. Family & Friends. God. Travel. Nature. Dogs. Learning. Teaching. Kindness. Helping others.

The photos on this page might tell you a little about me. The oceans behind me are the Indian and Atlantic. I'm smiling in the first photo because it wasn't raining yet. In the second photo, I'm smiling because I'm still alive. About an hour went by between these photos - an hour in which I thought I might die. I was hiking, alone, sort of, when driving rain and wind made walking impossible. One wrong step and I would have fallen to my death. Yet I had to move quickly, to catch the bus before it left.

When I had no idea how to get myself off the cliff you see just over my left shoulder, I trusted myself and my faith to keep me moving in the right direction. I fell down and couldn't get up. I thought about death, and leaving behind the people I love, but I didn't panic. I remembered to look around and take in the view. Atlantic to one side and Indian on the other. With gale force wind hitting me from two directions, I had no choice but to crawl, sometimes backwards. Eventually I could stand, walk and then run to safety.

In the second photo, that smile says so much: I was alive at the most southern part of Africa! And once again, it had stopped raining!

Life is full of these moments, where we don't  know which way to go. We lose faith and focus and forget our own abilities. 


My life has been full of overwhelming challenges. Overcoming a rough beginning, to achieve my dreams, took everything I had. Now I use that strength to help adults transition. We laugh and learn together.


An early career in tech marketing set me up with great stories that light the fire of learning. My research in adult learning helps me innovate with new assignments and teaching methods. Passion for helping others achieve their dreams keeps the fire burning bright.

For those who would like to know more about my career or research, visit my LinkedIn Page:

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